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How will you dispel negative/outdated library stereotypes?


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Use the mediums the students use to engage, communicate and lead them to higher level learning and thinking.
Being active members of our school communities, participating in all forms of school life. Being seen as much as possible as teachers, within subject areas and across curriculum.

Modelling different types of behaviours; positive, inviting,

How Can I/we help attitude?

we explored how important it is to be constantly vigilant. Advocacy, promotion and image are a constant in all of the things that we do. Their importance can never be underestimated.
Visibility around the school is crucial - not confined to the library - involving oneself on committees, being home group teachers, teaching a class, advocacy


  • Model and promote new ways of working in libraries.
  • Be a happy and friendly place.
  • Be open to student suggestions for what we buy in the library.
  • Be open to new technologies.
  • Make sure we keep a space for students/staff who want to engage with us in stereotypical ways!
  • Attend events and be part of what other staff are doing.
  • Take care of the visual images you use to promote yourself.

I find that simply making the space - and myself - fun and inviting has made a huge difference to the numbers of students 'wandering' into the space.

Last year a couple of kids made up a 'tongue in cheek' poster with a play on words rhyming with my surname and quietly stuck it over the top of my 'Welcome to the Library' sign. It was cheeky but not inappropriate and they loved the fact that I left it there all year! They brought their friends in to see it and the word quickly spread around the school that the library was a fun - and funny - place to be.

Meanwhile, I was interacting with students who wouldn't otherwise have entered the space and introducing them to the lovely services and materials on offer.

A win/win for the library I think. 


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