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How will you make your work the answer to the priorities/problems that keep your principal up at night?


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Time to book a chat with the principal.
and also with other members of the school community - be involved and active in the community. be involved in conversations about learning in as many forums as possible.

Listen & act directly on those in as much as we are able.

We need to be responsive to what is happening in the school. Think about the current theme and strategic priority.
Some principals may worry about the expense of devices that parents are required to purchase for students. The school online library will make readily available quality resources that best suit the curriculum and learners of the school. These resources will be accessed via the expensive device, greatly enhancing the learning experience of the students.
Differentiating myself from Google and adding value/quality to their learning which will then translate into better results for the school.

Approach the principal with solutions to any problems. Don't dwell on the problem itself move to the solution quickly.


  • Go to Principal with solutions rather than problems.
  • Stay connected with what's happening in your school.
  • Priority documents (eg. Strategic Plans) - know what is in these documents and link your work to them.  Refer to these documents in conversations.
  • Be involved in staff meetings and conversations and find ways to support the staff in their work.
  • Schedule meetings with the principal and give them the idea that you'd like to let them know / keep up to date with what's happening.
  • Invite the principal to call in and visit the library.


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