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How will you share this data with your administrators and community?


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Last year we made a stop motion video using an ipad taking a frame every few minutes to create a short five minute video of life in the library across three days. this has been shown to various forums in the school including the board and administration to allow them to see the activity in the library every hour of the day. This was presented in conjunction with other hard statistics and allowed for a fuller picture of the life of the library.

Respond to data with programs/initiatives EG Naplan

Respond to data with action plans/initiative EG Naplan

During performance review, show collected data.


  • Create an annual report.
  • Collection of graphics and visual information.  Visually document displays.
  • Newsletters / web presence.
  • Talk.
  • TV with photos of school events.
  • Attend staff/PLT meetings.
  • Use the language of teachers rather than purely library language. 
  • Go to the staff room to see staff.


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