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How will your library make a difference for students?

Physical, personal, academically...

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A safe place where questions can be answered and connections can be suggested. This is. Dry important in a large secondary school of 1600 students.
Providing an enriched, welcoming, safe and inclusive space for learning in all forms.
Physical space:
for classes, reading, collaborative work, social opportunities eg. Book club, IT club, games club, display's to catch interest and match curriculum
Providing printer, stapler and amusement items
Pastoral space for students, safe and supervised. Nurturing and welcoming.

Providing online resources filtering information
1:1 relationship
Digital citizenship, copyright, plagiarism
Supporting & enriching their learning, both academically and socially.

Comfort zone; Educationally ... reading for pleasure and for information.

It will give them access to information as well as assistance when needed. It can help them on their journey to be an independent life long learner. It will facilitate an opportunity to create rather than just consume. It will be flexible in terms of what it offers them as learners.


  •  We can make students feel that it is a safe, welcoming environment (a haven).
  • Needs to be relevant to today's students - stay relevant and interesting.
  • Engage students with new books on display - a copy of the new books stays behind with the banner "I might be out but you can reserve me".


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