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Government response to the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher-librarians in 21st Century Australia

The Government response to the School Libraries and teacher librarians in 21st century Australia report was tabled around mid afternoon in the House of Representatives Chamber…


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Cheering from Canada

Congratulations to everyone on the splendid work you are doing to further the potential of school libraries to lead schools into learning for the future. Thank you for the opportunity to join your learning community. I want to share with you a new document developed by the Ontario School Library Association in partnership with the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat that sets a vision for the role of school libraries in Ontario Schools. Our document is called,…


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Develop your advocacy toolkit - we can all influence change

The article, Seven successful strategies to develop your advocacy toolkit, by Karen Bonanno appeared recently in the SCIS Newsletter, Connections

Seven successful strategies to develop your advocacy toolkit

Karen makes a very important point right at the beginning of her article - she points out the difference between lobbying and…


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Research Skill Development Framework

The University of Adelaide has developed a Research Skills Development Famework that has been adopted by a number of other Australian universities including Monash.

There is a lot in this framework which will be very obvious to TLs. However, it still has relevance in a school library setting, especially the "Facets of Inquiry", and the level and process students are expected to use when they find, collate and synthesise information.

Most of the students at our college will go…


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From the Report of the Australian Parliament, House of Representatives, Education and Employment Committee’s Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher-librarians in 21st Century Australia

..the school library is the school’s physical and virtual learning commons where inquiry, thinking, imagination, discovery, and creativity are central to students’ information-to–knowledge journey, and to their personal, social and cultural growth...

(Ross Todd, Center for…


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Thank you to all those who have responded to our invitation to be involved in the SLAV Parliamentary Inquiry Reference Group.


This site continues the discussion from our very productive initial meeting last week.  Cecilie Murray is assisting in the preparation of an Action Plan.  In the meantime, you might like to peruse the…


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